Influenced By Picasso, But Not Like Picasso

By: Marcella Hayes Muhammad / Artist Hey Marcella, I recognize your work! It’s just like Picasso! I must have heard that too many times and still wince every time I hear it. To the untrained eye, I can see how one would not really notice the differences. Sort of the untrained eye looking at a


OK, here is one definition; Art in which elements of form have been stressed in handling the subject matter – which may or may not be recognizable. Abstraction is a relative term; all artworks exist on a continuum between total abstraction and full representation. Vassily Kandinsky is generally credited with having created the first purely

Torn Between Abstract and Realism

When I first came to Atlanta in 1995, I was all set to promote my art. My main focus was to feature my signature style “Plastic Space” which is a form of figurative abstract influenced by Pablo Picasso and cubism. But the reception was like I had hit a brick wall. “I don’t understand this!