The fading light of the sun on the scene represents the decline of America. In 2014, I added a gallery of 24 faces into the stars of leading African Americans that have given a lot for this struggle and are stars in their own right. Overall, there are 41 people of note on this canvas. Can you name them all? The white stripes have images of the ancestors of our people and events that have and still are taking place in this unjust environment for Black Americans. It has been a long battle and is not over. The youth have the opportunity to make the changes as the two young men carry the flag into the future with the idea of VOTE for change, VOTE for a better future, VOTE for justice, VOTE for equality, and VOTE for freedom.

The idea of the need to get up off that couch and vote for the up and coming good people in politics so they can rise in the ranks, be held accountable and begin to bring this country back to the people. We are in charge of ending the corruption that has seemingly taken over the politics of today. It’s time to end the rule of the corrupt rich 10% over the fading middle class and the growing poor.
This painting reflects those thoughts.


Original Oil/ collage on archival gallery wrap canvas
Size: 36″ x 48″