Soulful Strings and Percussion Triptych

I have incorporated both stringed instruments and percussion. Images of the violin, guitar, banjo, and piano represent the strings. The talking drum, snare drum, tambourine, Shakara, djembe drum, and xylophone represent the percussion instruments in this painting. They are brought together by the wood and Kente textiles that represent the direct ties to my African Heritage.  I have purposefully blended the contemporary instruments with the original instruments, resulting in a visual bridge from ancient to modern culture.

Together in a triptych, Fertility of Spirit I / Soulful Strings and Percussion / Fertility of Spirit II form a bold statement of the evolution of music from ancient Africa to the Halls of modern music. Rendered in “Plastic Space”, I have incorporated the doll of fertility and the carving of a spirit guide along with the textiles of kings…Kente Cloth… And modern musical notes from an old “Negro Spiritual” …”God’s Goin’ to Set This World on Fire”



30″x 88″ with all three oil on canvas; No prints available


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