Maruvian Woman-006


“Maruvian Women” are handmade works of polymer art jewelry. The one-of-a-kind sculpted polymer clay necklace is designed and made by Dianne Quarles. It features an original hand sculpted Black woman’s face set in a uniquely designed pendant. The pendant is hung on multiple buna cords accented with hand made polymer beads. 24″ length with an easy to use pop style clasp.


Unframed necklace –  Comes in a cotton lined jewelry box.

Framed necklace –  Showcase this artistic piece in a 16″ x 20″ black shadowbox frame with double matting.  It is beautifully mounted with a removable back so you can easily take the necklace out to wear and easily replace it to show as a piece of art.  When you are not wearing the necklace, you can enjoy it as a piece of art on your wall.




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