Our Story In America

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Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 30″ x 40″

In the center of this painting, you see an image that represents the first teacher during Reconstruction. They were educated black and white women that sacrificed to go south and begin the education of freed slaves.
On the left portion of the canvas you can see the fields of cotton that brought untold wealth to America on the backs of slave labor with no reparations. The ropes represent the ever present threat of terrorism that permeates this country and keeps its politics all tied in a knot with its foundation of racism and white privilege.
The Company Store managed to enslave sharecroppers with unfair debt; the rebel flag represents the constant terrorism of vigilante groups like the Paddy whackers, KKK, and other racist individuals bent on keeping the Black population in poverty.


The American flag represents the present day terrorism from police, racist groups, racist individuals, political policies with laws being passed to protect the continuation of a white supremacy mentality, and the set up for the destruction of the Black population through the media supported by this American government.
The iron chains of slavery have become the chains of gold, fooling those that believe they have grown to better times only to discover it is only an illusion when they are no longer useful and have no other worth or legacy and the self-hatred returns.
On the right you see the acres of land being tilled because black women were finally allowed to own land only to have it and their legacy taken away by the whites, who loaned the seed, food, shacks to live in, mules and farm equipment, when it can’t be repaid soon enough.
In the center above the heads of the children are the stories of our true history that needed to be told then instead of his…story that was prevalent in those times. Imagine, if we had our true history from the day of Reparations to now, how our lives and self-esteem might have been affected. The image of the pyramid, obelisk and sphinx represent advanced writing, building, and civilization that was prevalent in Africa. All of the ancient Caucasian world came to Africa for advanced learning in the Universities. The Moors brought civilization to Europe, such as paved streets, lighted avenues, how to build castles, the use of baths and toilets to keep healthy. This is our history, one of the love of intelligence, science, math, engineering the arts and learning. I long for the day when the majority of my people let go of the constant negativity pressed upon them (through the media) by this wicked society that surrounds us and embrace our true calling of higher morals, self-love and intelligence.


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