Nina Simone Here Comes The Sun

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Medium: Oil on canvas
Size:  48″ x 60″

This is a portrait of a young Nina Simone in a reflective pose, hand under her chin and sporting a head wrap turban of Kente cloth representing her ancestral ties to Africa. There are 6 songs sung by Nina referenced visually in this portrait. Musical notes surround her filling her with a “Young Gifted and Black” talent full of versatility. One eye is a bull’s eye with the silhouette of a black woman representing the ever present drama of “The Other Woman” in the affairs of love. “Here Comes The Sun” beginning to shine through the stained glass windows representing the strong faith and hope for a better future. Around her shoulders are the remnants of a dead “Old Jim Crow” revealing a portion of our nations flag draped over her left shoulder. “I Put A Spell On You” is cast onto a divining basket with the bones and shells.


The stars and bars of the “Notorious” Rebel Flag in the background represent “Mississippi Goddam” as a response to the horrors experienced by Civil Rights supporters. It reflects on the Birmingham church bombing that killed four little girls and the assassination of Medgar Evers at his home in Jackson Mississippi. This Rebel flag represents, to many African Americans, the ever prevalent platform of racism that constantly reminds all who can face the truth that to this very day there are no illusions and no escape of racial injustice in one form or another throughout these United States of America.
The entire portrait is done in my signature style of figurative abstract that I am still developing and call “Plastic Space”. I love to render this style in oil on canvas because I can feel the movement of objects and their relationship to light and shadow and the travel around and through objects in the painting.
This portrait was inspired by being included in an invitational showing with other selected artists in the Atlanta area to provide visual art for a tribute to the Dr. Nina Simone Project. Nina: No Illusions, No Escape April 16, 2010 Atlanta, Georgia and to travel to other states and countries for a period of up to 2 years.


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