Essence Of Creation

The figures represent the beginning of man, woman, and child on the earth as spiritual beings. The man is the protector of the family emerging from the earth. He brings with him a strength and power given to the Black man for endurance. The woman is the spiritual being and the “glue” of the family. She keeps her family grounded with morality and traditions. She is his help mate and looks to the star studded heavens for spiritual guidance for them all. Together they bring strong moral generations into the world. I was inspired to paint this image after watching the series of “Roots” on television and being influenced by the part when the newborn baby was held up to the night sky and told, “Behold, the only thing greater than you”.
This painting is featured with three other of my works in the video presentation titled “The Journey” narrated by the late Ossie Davis. It was presented by the APEX Museum in Atlanta, Georgia and plays in their theater and is also available on CD.



Original Oil/ Silver foil on canvas
Size: 24″ x 36″