Break the Bars of Opression

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Medium: Mixed Media on canvas
Size: 30″ x 30″

This painting uses the technique of my signature style of Plastic Space, which is a form of figurative abstraction inspired by Pablo Picasso. I used the central portion of the canvas to contain a group of women, some with children, huddled together in a cage. Some of the women are desperately reaching with open hands through the bars toward opportunities denied them. The bars on the cage are made of the word OPRESSION. Outside of the cage are representations of activities that would give them equality and empowerment such as; a home with land, a place to grow food, Graduate cap with diploma roll representing education and training school, a laptop computer (with the world map on screen) representing world connection, fresh produce, clean water, solar power, medical access and money representing equal pay which are all out of reach. The entire painting is tied together with the black areas representing the vast eternal Universe. This is the tie that binds all living things on this earth together as everything is made of stardust. The use of my signature style of Plastic Space lends itself to the movement and depth of the atmosphere and light around all of the images in the painting thereby creating a flowing movement for the eye to discover the many parts of this painting.


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