Adinkra Earrings – 19


Only 1 left in stock

MaruvaWare Original handmade jewelry by Dianne Quarles
Yellow/orange embossed polymer clay Adinkra Earrings with gold colored Gye Nyame
3.5″ drop.

The Adinkra symbol is Gye Nyame, meaning the omnipotence of God. The African Proverb is No one lives who saw the Creation and no one will live to see the end, Except God.

Adinkra symbols are ancient African symbols from the Akan people of Ghana and Coté d’Ivoire. Each symbol represents an African proverb, an historic event, or life’s lessons handed down from the elders.

Only 1 left in stock


MaruvaWare Original polymer clay jewelry by Dianne Quarles.
One-of -a-kind original. Only 1 in stock


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