Sharing The Evolution of a Plastic Space Abstract Painting

The first step with any painting is to begin with an idea. It is much easier for me to concentrate in the mode of a series. In this case, it is a part of my Plastic Space abstract Maruvian Mask series. It focuses on the positive masks from around the world. I choose to call

  • leggings-sound of soul

This Visual Artist Is Still Evolving At 73!

By Marcella Hayes Muhammad / Visual Artist-Designer 2017 I received an unusual invitation from a company that saw my artwork online. They invite artists to use their original designs and place these designs onto a variety of garments and home decor items. It is a Print on Demand Company. The variety of products are

Working With Home Shopping Networks And Big Box Companies

    By: Marcella Hayes Muhammad / Artist You know, a recent conversation brought to mind an experience that I had a while ago. It can be amazing the things one experiences in life and the many adventures I have had. Here is one that made me laugh. You know, one of those…one day

Influenced By Picasso, But Not Like Picasso

By: Marcella Hayes Muhammad / Artist Hey Marcella, I recognize your work! It’s just like Picasso! I must have heard that too many times and still wince every time I hear it. To the untrained eye, I can see how one would not really notice the differences. Sort of the untrained eye looking at a


By: Marcella Hayes Muhammad / Artist When you get a chance to visit my page on, (search, artist, marcella-muhammad) you will see so many things that designs enhance. Pillows, shower curtains, rugs, towels, tote bags, gift cards, duvet covers, I phone cases, portable battery chargers, T-shirts, posters, prints, canvases, beach towels, weekender totes, men’s

Maruva Pebbles Collection

  By: Marcella Hayes Muhammad / Artist This collection was created in 1998 as one of several designs for a large textile company in New York. My sister, Dianne, and I went to New York to make a FORMAL presentation to the company representatives for designers and had a very good experience. They were