An Artist Divided Into Pieces

My talent in the arts appeared in Kindergarten and was encouraged by my parents through High School and into college. I completed my skill building in the arts through College and earned a degree. Then for the next 40 years building my skills to develop my own signature style of abstraction I named Plastic Space.

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This Visual Artist Is Still Evolving At 73!

By Marcella Hayes Muhammad / Visual Artist-Designer 2017 I received an unusual invitation from a company that saw my artwork online. They invite artists to use their original designs and place these designs onto a variety of garments and home decor items. It is a Print on Demand Company. The variety of products are

Working With Home Shopping Networks And Big Box Companies

    By: Marcella Hayes Muhammad / Artist You know, a recent conversation brought to mind an experience that I had a while ago. It can be amazing the things one experiences in life and the many adventures I have had. Here is one that made me laugh. You know, one of those…one day