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Sound of Soul Strings Silk Tee


By: Marcella Hayes Muhammad / Artist



Sound of Soul Strings ModalI recently received an invitation from a company that has artists use their original designs to place onto a collection of garments. This company is called Vida. There are silk tops, 100% Modal scarves, silk square scarves, sleeveless tops, pocket squares for men, and knit tops. I am so glad that I have the capacity to edit my designs to fit the required parameters for reproduction onto fabric. In 2005 my sister, Dianne Quarles, and I went to New York to meet with representatives from Burlington Mills to discuss original designs for fabric. We made our presentation and were very encouraged by the representatives that they were very interested. But the economy was taking a drastic turn and after a while we were informed that Burlington Mills was to be purchased by another entity, new personnel put into place, and moved to Brazil. That was the end of that opportunity and then the bottom dropped out of the industry and licensing to individual artists was not lucrative enough. Only the large corporations like Disney and the like were being licensed. Have you noticed that you can buy fabric with a sleeping beauty print or children’s and adult clothing with the multitude of characters from movies and cartoons?

I say all that because, in getting prepared for Burlington I had learned how to interpret my original designs into fabric prints and they were already categorized, formatted and ready to present. So I was more than ready!  Vida is interested in the individual artist and their designs to present on fabric garments that they are producing as an on demand product. I am very excited to work with this international company that embraces diversity.

In order to be truly represented by them, I need 10 sales or more to become a Vida Slate designer and have my collection featured on Vida social media page. Customers who buy the first ten pieces each receive a $25.00 Vida gift card.  If I am able to have 50 sales, I will be a Vida gold designer and will be featured on the Vida homepage. So I am motivated to boost sales on my collection and have my customers enjoy my original designs that are unique and reflect my African American culture with ancestry influences.

So please, go to the link above, and shop my collection and make several purchases for yourself, someone you care about, or for a special occasion. Be sure to pass this along to your friends as well. I thank you in advance, and happy shopping!



Marcella is a visual artist that made a leap of faith in 1995 and took an early retirement from a successful elementary teaching career of 27 years. She and her husband moved from California to the Atlanta area to continue as a full time artist. She has a formal education in the arts, and has been a creative visual artist for over 40 years.

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